Some of our Projects


Helping the market leading bus ticket solution provider build its portal. Working with Ticketer for 5 years, there are various parts of their site, such as their spatial data tool Tracking, which were substantially written by Grid 5, and customers rely on these tools to work consistently for their operational planning and reporting.


Helped build a system to import all sales data to search and aggregate information in real-time. This imported data from a Tibco message broker into a MongoDB NoSQL database which then allowed Tesco to retrieve all order information from receipts for a greater period than previously possible. The aim of this project both to improve aggregate data and to allow new online users to greatly speed up their first shop by entering some recent receipt IDs to pick up recently purchased items.


Worked on the Eikon platform, helping traders make informed investment decisions. This involved the creation of sophisticated charting to show regulatory information about key Forex pairs.


Developed infrastructure tools to keep critical processes running. Improved an information synchronisation tool that allowed traders to maintain data on the instruments they were trading. Service Management tools allowed key processes to be remotely managed across multiple servers.